Meet the Team

We are a team of leading experts in blockchain interoperability, security and crypto-economics, distributed across London, Vienna, Edinburgh and Tokyo.

Alexei Zamyatin

Co-Founder and CEO


Alexei has been actively conducting research on blockchain security and interoperability for the past four years, co-authoring 10+ academic publications and designing the XCLAIM framework as part of his PhD at Imperial College London. Previously, Alexei worked as a security researcher at SBA Research and held positions at Accenture and the United Nations Office in Vienna.


Dominik Harz

Co-Founder and CTO


Dominik combines expertise in smart contract development and incentive design, researching these topics during his PhD at Imperial College London. Previously, Dominik worked as a consultant for cybersecurity and cloud computing at PwC, delivering compliance services for state-of-the-art technology projects with companies like SAP, Deutsche Telekom, and Cisco.


Daniel Perez

Researcher & Software Engineer


Daniel is a software engineer and PhD candidate at Imperial College London, focusing the security of distributed virtual machines such as the EVM. Previously, he was the CTO of the Tokyo based company Claude Tech, Inc., and received a Master of Engineering from the University of Tokyo. Daniel is also an open-source enthusiast; his personal projects count more than 2,000 cumulated stars on GitHub and he helps maintain a number of popular open-source projects.


Gregory Hill

Software Engineer


Gregory is a software developer and open-source advocate, with expertise in Go, Rust and TypeScript. Gregory is a core maintainer of Hyperledger Burrow, an EVM-based distributed ledger framework optimized for Proof-of-Stake and consortium networks. Previously, he published research on the intersection between Cryptography and Machine Learning.