Be the first to experience true Bitcoin DeFi

Make your BTC work for you using nothing but decentralized technology

Experimental one-stop shop for Bitcoin DeFi

Use your BTC for lending, borrowing, swapping and staking

Mint kBTC

kBTC is a fully decentralized asset that allows you to make the most out of your Bitcoin without relying on centralized providers.


Trade your Bitcoin for assets like KSM, USDT, MOVR, KINT or Liquid Staking Tokens. Combine swaps with borrowing and lending to create your ideal position.

Borrow & Lend

Put your BTC to work by providing liquidity to the market. Gain exposure to other assets while maintaining your long Bitcoin position.

Bitcoin Finance, Unbanked.

Kintsugi is Interlay's experimental sister-network. A decentralized layer-1 network, powered by and optimized for Bitcoin.
As a Kusama parachain, Kintsugi achieves best-in-class Proof-of-Stake security.

Your keys your coins

Earn on your Bitcoin but keep control of your private keys


Operated by a globally distributed, permissionless network

Secured by Collateral

Best in class economic security through collateral insurance

Scientifically proven security

Kintsugi is built on cutting-edge, peer-reviewed research