Our journey so far: from academia to practice.

February, 2020

Interlay announced

We launch Interlay to unlock liquidity for DeFi platforms across blockchains.

November, 2019

ACM CSS, London, UK

Collateral improvement through Balance accepted at top-tier academic security conference.

October, 2019

Ethereum DEVCON 5, Osaka, Japan

Workshop on the nuts and bolts of cross-chain communication.

May, 2019

IEEE S&P, San Francisco, USA

XCLAIM accepted at top-tier academic security conference.

April, 2019

EDCON, Sydney, AU

Spread the work on trustless Bitcoin-backed tokens.

March, 2019

EthCC, Paris, FR

Introducing Bitcoin-backed Tokens on Ethereum.

September, 2018

Scaling Bitcoin, Tokyo, JP

Introducing Cryptocurrency-backed /../assets to the World.

June, 2018

First version of XCLAIM

We release the first pre-print of describing XCLAIM online.